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ITE LX Ultra

I.T.E. manufacture and install various systems of customized lighting bar installations to suit any project.
Our latest product the ITE LX Ultra is at the forefront of quality and innovation in the theatre industry.
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ITE LX Ultra
Theatre Lighting Fixtures

Theatre Lighting Fixtures

I.T.E. supply and install a broad range of traditional and LED theatre light fixtures. Fixtures include Fresnels, Parcans, Profiles, Followspots, Cycs, Moving Lights and more.
I.T.E. supply the latest and market leading brands of light fixtures to suit any project and budget.

​Theatre Lighting Systems

I.T.E. supply and install theatrical lighting control equipment and stage lighting design such as Dimmers, Patch Panels, Control Desks, Control Software and more. I.T.E. design and install cabling and patching infrastructre for DMX and lighting control systems. For a full range of I.T.E's lighting equipment and installations, please request a stage lighting equipment list.


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