I.T.E. manufacture all drapes and accessories in Port Melbourne. I.T.E. have been setting an industry standard for over 40 Years. Our experience allows us to provide unparalleled service and professional advice to ensure our clients vision is met and exceeded.


I.T.E. manufacture, supply and install drapes from high quality Wool, Velvet, Velour, Molten, Blackout, Filled Cloth, Sharkstooth, Lycra, Scenery Netting and more. All flame retardant fabrics meet the relevant fire resistant (FR) standards. Drapes are made custom to order. ITE also designs and installs a range of Fire Safety Curtains including Fire Resistant Curtains, Smoke & Fire Curtains and Integrated Fire Safety Curtains throughout Australia. I.T.E. are more than able to accommodate for all drapery requirements from Performing Art Centre Stages and Drama Spaces to small Live Venues and Function Rooms. Please contact our office for further information.

Drape Tracks and Systems

I.T.E. manufacture, supply and install drape tracking for all purposes. I.T.E. offer tracks in domestic, heavy (Theatre) and light duty applications. Track systems can be configured to be hand drawn, chord operated or motorized. Customized bends also available. Tracks can be fitted to suit all applications.

I.T.E. design and manufacture our own premium range of runners to ensure quiet, effortless operation no matter the application. Please contact the office for further information.


Light Duty tracking


Motorized tracking


Customized curved tracking


Heavy Duty tracking


Cord Operated tracking


All tracking & drape components


Static drape rigging


Swivel Leg Systems


Acoustic Materials

Acoustic Banners

Acoustic Panels

Manufacturing of Custom
Lightweight Wool

Molten Wool

Black and Coloured Velvet’

Cyclorama/Filled Cloth

Blackout Materials

Black & Coloured Wool

Scenery Netting’

Sharks tooth Drapes

PVC Projection screen

Coloured Screens

Green screens

Custom materials

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